Saturday, March 08, 2008

where had i been?

I wasn't able to spend much time updating this blog the past few months since November. Not to mention that I've been very busy the past few months, we were also internet-less at home for about 2 months.

Let me remember key events that happened in the last couple of months...

Went to Cebu and Bohol. Caitlyn enjoyed the beach so much. She can't get enough of the sand. It's our first time in Bohol.

Did a lot of shopping and spending in preparation for Christmas and moving to our new house. It's so much fun! What's not fun was what happened after... paying for the credit card dues.

Finally moved in to our new house by the end of the month. I was so excited but at the same time sad with Caitlyn living away from my parents.


Merry month of December!! The happiest month of the year! Attended a lot of Christmas parties from work, from the neighborhood, with friends, with relatives. Looked like a gained more pounds at this month.

This Christmas was also extra special this year as this was the first Christmas we spent in our new home.

Caitlyn finally got her present from "Santa and Jesus" - her green and yellow car! Unfortunately, she was also excited about it during the first week. Caitlyn now barely uses it - well, I was kinda expecting that would happen.

Got a nice Lacoste bag from My Love for Christmas! :)

Caitlyn also got to watch Barney in December. As expected, the little girl had so much fun. I was quite disappointed though with the show. The production was far below my expectation as if it didn't have enough budget. But seeing the joy in Caitlyn's face, it's still worth it.

Had to fire Caitlyn's yaya because of some trust issue. It was difficult for me to do it because she's been with us since Caitlyn was 2 months old.


We were yaya-less during New Year and the first week of January. It wasn't too bad, in fact we felt more relax and comfortable without a yaya. It has just became a problem when we had to go back to work. We've asked my mother in law to stay with us for a couple of days to look after Caitlyn while we were at work. The following week though, we decided to just stay with my in-laws until we get a new yaya.

We got a new yaya 2nd week of January. I was just glad that Caitlyn warmed up with her easily.

January is my favorite month.. why, it's my birthday!!! This birthday was also extra special for 3 reasons: 1) my first birthday in our new home, 2) i'm on the last day of the calendar, 3) i got a very special gift from MyLove!!!!

For my birthday, I had 3 separate celebrations. One at work during merienda, then dinner with Family at David's Tea House at MOA, then dinner and drinks with friends at the clubhouse the following night. Too bad I didn't have a single picture because I was too busy to take pictures! :(
It was also in January when Caitlyn had her last class at Gymboree. I decided not to re-enroll her this time.


On the first weekend of the month, spent overnight at Laguna for Grandma's 88th birthday. Caitlyn didn't swim as much though because she has cough.

Visited two preschools I've been considering for Caitlyn. I'm planning to enroll her to a nursery class in June. She had her trial class in the first school that we went to. For the second school, didn't have the chance to sit in because our visit was unplanned. The class was already dismissed when we came. Caitlyn had fun sitting in the class. The teacher said Caitlyn seems to be really ready and didn't seem to adjust at all. Thanks to Gymboree :)

At the last weekend of the month, spent another night at Laguna, this time with some friends.

So there.. that's what have been happening in the 4 months that I was silent.

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