Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, MyLove!

It was MyLove's birthday last March 1 and we celebrated it differently this time. Went to Fun Ranch and Ark Avilon. Caitlyn had so much fun, as if it was her birthday :)

Caitlyn and Mommy at the hanging bridge. Caitlyn didn't want to walk on the bridge and had herself carried all the way to the other end.

Caitlyn here enjoying the train ride with mommy.

This was the last ride that Caitlyn took. But actually, it was the very first ride that she wanted to get on. Her Dad though was not very much comfortable having her ride all by herself as she might get dissy and/or fall. So we had to talk her through. She agreed and took the other rides instead. But then, her heart was really on this one so before we took off, she again asked if she can ride it. I said no because I can't join her because I will not fit in. She responded, "Mom, I can ride all by myself. I'm a big girl already!"
We were surprised with what she said! She's just turning 3 but is already very much confident about herself. I was both proud and sad realizing that Caitlyn has really grown.

After Caitlyn's last ride, off we went to Ark Avilon Zoo. The place is just small, nothing spectacular really. But we were not expecting a lot so it's just ok. As usual, Caitlyn got scared of the animals like the Donkey and the snake (well, who wouldn't be?)

Caitlyn here in front of the aquarium. Medyo nabola to sit on her own, but look how uncomfortable she looked in the picture ;)

Turtles at the background. Caitlyn didn't get scared with the turtles. Probably because she has pet turtles at home.

We had an early dinner after, did some grocery and went home really tired but very very happy. Nothing beats the happiness of seeing how Caitlyn enjoyed the day.

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