Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I was rushed to the ER a few hours back. I had a severe stomach pain running through my back. That was the worst pain I ever experienced in my entire life, even worse than when I gave birth (I had epidural shots, that's why). Unfortunately, my love was out with our officemates for their teambuilding activity. Good thing, my mom and my brother just arrived so they were able to drive me to the hospital. The pain was really intolerable. I was literally down on the floor, crying. Caitlyn was looking at me with pity and was trying to rub my tummy. Our yaya called my love right away and a few minutes after, I got a call from him. We were already on our way to the hospital then. He immediately went to the hospital and arrived a few minutes after we did.

The pain has already subside when we got to the hospital so we were immediately allowed to go home. But I have to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound and to see my doctor. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.


Been thinking lately...
Which road should we take...
Should we take it easy and safe..
Or fast but risky..

I'm praying for a sign..
Hope we can decide soon..
And we decide it right..

out sick today

I woke up early this morning with stomach pain so I decided to call in sick and take the day off to rest. This stomach pain has been bugging me for a while now. It started about 2wks ago and then it does come and go. I had fecalysis before and everything turned out normal, so it's not a bacteria. My Love has been asking me to see a doctor to have it further check, but I've been procastinating. Two reasons: school is not yet over and Caitlyn's upcoming birthday. I'm scared that they'd find something bad that I have to miss school and slow down on Caitlyn's birthday prep. I also would like to wait until the ultrasound result from my annual checkup is out.

I actually feel better now but still a little bit uncomfortable.

Hope everything is ok..

Monday, February 26, 2007

Caitlyn's 2nd Birthday Party Planning

Caitlyn turned 23 months today and today is also exactly 4 wks before her 2nd birthday party. Just like last year, I'm so excited preparing for her special day.

We were able to get Caitlyn's invite last week and have it printed last Saturday. I really like the outcome of the invite. The initial layout was actually done My Love.

Tarpaulin design is also done and ready for printing. We just have to schedule on when we'll pick that up.

Magician/host was already booked since January and so is the face painter. I'm now actively working with the party organizer for the balloon decor and looking for a supplier who'll do her cake.

Next week, we'll go to Divisoria to buy game prizes. Loot bags were already purchased last month. I also still have to finalize buffet selection from the restaurant.

I'm more excited with the party this time even if it's not as grand as Caitlyn's first birthday. It's because I know Caitlyn will now be able to appreciate her party unlike last year when she was so clueless.

Hay, time flies so fast.. my baby is baby no more...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I got a star!

Finally, grades from last term are out. And what did I get? Ta-da!

I was really hoping to get a 4.0 but didn't want to expect too much. MyLove was saying he was expecting I'd get it.

I'm so proud I did good on this subject. Everyone was saying I'm crazy taking this as my first subject. They're saying QUANTI is the most difficult subject in MBA. Even my professor was telling me everything will be downhill after QUANTI. Well, it's not as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe because I already took this in college and THAT's what I would call DIFFICULT.

Now that I've already raised the bar really high, I hope I'd do as good on my next subjects.. cross-finger!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

she lights up my day

isn't she lovely...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentine's day traffic

It's valentines day and traffic is just terrible. Mylove and I decided to stay for a while to clear the traffic. But it's 7:30 and traffic is just getting worse! Everyone's going to the motel, sabi ng asawa ko.. hehe..

So now, we're stuck in the office with nothing else to do (I chose to stop working!). Was able to change my blog template, did some edits, and still there's traffic.

We decided to dine out instead to pass time - instant Valentine's dinner! Nothing fancy though - just had dinner and a few drinks. We really did not plan anything special tonight as we wanted to do it on a weekend. Let's see if we'd still go out this weekend :)

Too bad, Caitlyn's already snoozing when we got home by 11pm. Too bad, or just right!? ;)

back to blogger

For a while, I use multiply to post my blogs. It was indicated in the site that I can sync my multiply posts with blogger but can't make it work :(

Decided to go back to using blogger. It seems easier to use anyway plus multiply has been blocked in the office so I can no longer do quick post during lunch breaks or after work :)

Will have to transfer some of my posts from multiply to blogger and get myself up to blogging again..