Saturday, March 29, 2008

La Maison

My team had lunch at La Maison at Greenbelt 5 today. First impression was very good. The restaurant has nice interiors, the food in the menu looks really yummy! While deciding what to order, I was already thinking of coming back and bringing my love as he'd definitely enjoy it.... but then I was wrong.

It took them 30mins before we got our soup and salad. The soup wasn't even hot at all. We were all done with the soup and with all the stories we could talk about, and our food hadn't come out yet. We had to wait more than 1hr before they were able to serve all the food.

I had to talk to the lady who's attending to us to complain about their service. She said it really takes a while cooking the ribs to make sure it's perfectly grilled. Ok, I can buy that lousy excuse. But what about the soup? To compensate for their poor service, we got a choco lava cake which we decided to just take along since it was almost 2pm.

They also gave us discount cards, which I didn't bother to look at and gave it away instead. I have no plans on going back to that place again.

Will I recommend the La Maison to anyone? Probably yes ONLY for 2 reasons: (1) you want to get complimentary lava cake, which by the way wasn't that good or (2) you want to spend more time with your date; you'd probably be engaged by the time they serve your food.

It was even posted on one corner that they have served 16,000+ customers since they opened in October. Oh well, it could probably be 50,000 if not for their bad service.

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