Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn turned 3 last Tuesday. Her party won't be until Sunday but we tried to make the day very special for Caitlyn. We took a day off from work so we can spend it with the birthday girl.

We woke her up early that day and surprised her with a birthday cake. And since she's been glued to Playhouse Disney the past weeks, we decided to get her a Minney Mouse cake.

We got her a cake the night before and I just decorated it in the morning. Thanks to the "decorate your own cake" at Goldilocks! :) We had to keep Caitlyn away from the fridge the night before so she would not see the cake.
Just look at how suprised she was seeing her cake!
And of course, a birthday will not be complete without making a wish and blowing her birthday candle. Caitlyn wished for a star (probably so she can make more wishes)!

And of course, the birthday present!

After breakfast, went straight to Splash Island. Caitlyn had so much fun and enjoyed the wave pool very much. There were just a very few people during that day so it was more relaxing. Hoping we can steal another weekday and bring Caitlyn again.

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