Sunday, May 27, 2007

happy 3rd/7th year anniversary

MyLove and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and 7th year since our first kiss :)

Nothing big this time, just spent the weekend at Makati Shangrila with Cailtyn. The little girl had a great time and enjoyed the stay as much as we did.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Starbucks Baby

Taken at MOA, May 1st 2007.

Super Grover (Caitlyn)

Caitlyn's new gimik. Putting her pillow case behind her and pretending that she's: Super Grover!!!

She doesn't want it removed even while sleeping!

samu't sari on Caitlyn

Everyone's now starting to believe. Caitlyn is a genius! ;) My sister was showing Caitlyn my high school pictures and was trying her luck to have Caitlyn identify where Mommy is. And to our surprise, she was able to identify where I was in all of my high schoool class pictures more than 15yrs ago, andthere were about 50 faces on each of those. Amazing, isn't it!?


Caitlyn was having a diaper change. When her yaya was about to put desitin on her diaper area, she giggled and shouted: "Tickle! Yayay, stop it!" This was the first we heard Caitlyn said "stop it!" Funny!

The second time, we were trying to put eye drops on her sore eyes. She complained big time and cried: "Dad, no! Stop it!" haha! Happy or sad, stop it pa din! ;)

Caitlyn at Fort Santiago

We drove Carlo's Tita to Manila Cathedral last weekend to attend a wedding. And while waiting for the wedding ceremony to end, I decided to bring my baby and my love to Fort Santiago. Both of them have never been to that place. Oh yes, poor Carlo. Never seen Fort Santiago in the 32 years of his existence ;)

Caitlyn at Boracay

The whole gang went to Boracay a couple of weeks ago. That was Caitlyn's 1st time in Boracay. She loves the water as much as she hates the sand! She didn't want to walk in the sand and didn't even want her feet to touch the ground. My mom was able to put her down for a while but she just stood still and did some (or a lot!?) of complaining. Took advantage of the moment and took a few shots of her :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sore eyes, caitlyn and tv

I took off from work today because Caitlyn had fever. Apart from this, she also has sore eyes. Poor baby. But she's playful the whole day so I guess she's alright.

Caitlyn was playing with me earlier this afternoon when I turned off the TV as she's no longer watching, anyway. As soon as I turned off the TV, she cried out loud: "No, Mommy! Caitlyn watching!" Hahaha! Sorry baby.. hindi naman kasi nanonood e! ;)