Saturday, May 03, 2008

ernie and bert?

No. It's Caitlyn and Bert. This was taken this morning. The moment she woke up, she immediately went to her drawing board and drew. She said it's Bert.

In fairness, it does look like Bert, only with a moustache ;)

Friday, May 02, 2008

my name is..

Caitlyn wrote this all by herself. She's learned how to spell her name a few weeks ago but was still having a hard time writing it because she still couldn't get the right strokes of the letters. Until last Monday. She saw a credit card bill, asked me whose mail is that and asked me if she can write her name on it. I said yes and was surprised to actually see her writing her name! Too bad though that she ran out of space before finishing her name. When I offered her the other side of the envelope, she already got distracted by her other toys and didn't want to write anymore.

Nevertheless, I was one proud mommy seeing my little girl writing her name without anyone teaching or helping her :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

4 years and still counting

MyLove and I will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary in one week's time. We haven't planned anything big because we just went out of town last week.

We're thinking of just having dinner somewhere at Greenbelt. MyLove would also like to watch a movie but I'm still thinking. I'm not much into movies. I actually fall asleep most of the times so I hate watching movies at night ;)

It doesn't really matter when and how we'll be celebrating our anniversary next week. As long we'll be together, that's all that matters.

my night job

Paid blogging that is!

I just signed up with payperpost and was surprised to get an approval after just a few minutes.

Actually, this has been my second time to sign up with them. The first time was last September but didn't get approved. I learned though that it's easier to sign up now so I tried my luck the second time around. It was true indeed! I didn't have to wait for an email confirmation. It was approved almost instantly.

I tried paid blogging a few months back but got hooked up with other things so this took a back seat for a while. But now that I'm back in the groove for blogging, I decided to get back on my blogging "career" as well. I would be very happy with the extra treats I'll be getting from paid blogging. I could use these for my trinkets and some indulgence :)

I've also signed up with other paid blogging before but what makes PPP better is that you got to choose the topic that you want to write about. You can choose only those that interest you. You will not only earn by writing topics that is of interest but you'd get to learn from the information that's available from the web.

I'm just so excited about it and I'm hoping to have the time to diligently attend to this night job.

the new me!

After almost 5yrs, I finally got the courage to bring my hair back how it was prior to getting married :)

It felt liberating!

Sana next time, yung katawan naman ;)

meet mike

Meet Mike, Caitlyn's friend according to her :)

Background: She just finished drawing when I entered the room.

Caitlyn: Look Mom, it's Mike!
Me: Mike? Mike Wazowski? (from Monsters, Inc.)
Caitlyn: No, Mom. It's not Mike Wazowski. It's Mike!
Me: Who's Mike? Is he your friend?
Caitlyn: Yes, Mom. It's my friend! Can you take a picture of me and Mike?
Hay.. kawawa naman ang anak ko. May imaginary friend na...

bad day!

Before I got up from bed this morning to prepare for work, I felt that Caitlyn was a little warm. I checked her temperature and confirmed that she had fever. I immediately decided not to come to work anymore so I can bring the little girl to her doctor. I was quite worried because it could possibly be related to the ear pain she was complaining about yesterday.

We brought her to Makati Med and had her ears checked. Her doctor said she has ear infection and was given oral and topical antibiotics for her to take for a week.

We also have her eyes checked and was referred to an ophtalmologist. Caitlyn's right eye has been teary since she was a baby and was often times irritated. The opthalmology said her tear duct might be blocked. She was given a topical antibiotics for the eyes and asked us to observe. If it doesn't get any better, he may need to flush it out. I'm hoping it'll no longer be needed because if it does, the little girl will have to be in general anesthesia :(

Except for some (or a lot) of complaining and crying on having her take her antibiotics, Caitlyn now feels better. She's now deeply asleep. I'm just hoping her ear won't hurt tonight anymore.