Sunday, March 30, 2008

my little ballerina

We planned to enroll Caitlyn to a ballet class because she'd shown interest on it. She would normally dance and turn around like a real ballerina. We had her attend a trial class today hoping that we could enroll her and she could start on Monday. But then, we weren't successful. Caitlyn was just interested with the dress, but not with the class yet. She told the teacher she just wanted to watch, and watched was all she did. One of the girls was kind enough to invite her at one point so Caitlyn joined the group. But only for a couple of minutes and then went back to me to just watch.

She was following instructions though but seems like she's not really that interested, or probably just not comfortable yet. We decided to hold off enrolling her until she's ready. Hopefully, her ballet outfit would still fit her by then.

For now, I'll just cherish these pictures until I see her on her first recital :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

partners in crime

What's best to eat on a hot summer night???

Happy Easter

Went to MOA during Easter, not to celebrate Easter, but just for the usual weekend malling. While when on our way to Italianni's for lunch, Caitlyn saw the Easter activity and wanted to go. We told her we needed to have lunch first and so, she obliged. I wasn't really keen on bringing Caitlyn to the Easter activity as there were just too many people.

Caitlyn and Mommy patiently waiting for the food.
Right after lunch, we had her ride the ferry's wheel. It was her first time at MOA's ferry's wheel and I was surprised how brave she was.
And when I thought she already forgot about the Easter Egg hunting, she pulled me to the direction of the activity hall. She insisted on going and so this time, we obliged.
Caitlyn waiting for her turn for the egg hunt.

Look at all her prizes!

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn turned 3 last Tuesday. Her party won't be until Sunday but we tried to make the day very special for Caitlyn. We took a day off from work so we can spend it with the birthday girl.

We woke her up early that day and surprised her with a birthday cake. And since she's been glued to Playhouse Disney the past weeks, we decided to get her a Minney Mouse cake.

We got her a cake the night before and I just decorated it in the morning. Thanks to the "decorate your own cake" at Goldilocks! :) We had to keep Caitlyn away from the fridge the night before so she would not see the cake.
Just look at how suprised she was seeing her cake!
And of course, a birthday will not be complete without making a wish and blowing her birthday candle. Caitlyn wished for a star (probably so she can make more wishes)!

And of course, the birthday present!

After breakfast, went straight to Splash Island. Caitlyn had so much fun and enjoyed the wave pool very much. There were just a very few people during that day so it was more relaxing. Hoping we can steal another weekday and bring Caitlyn again.

La Maison

My team had lunch at La Maison at Greenbelt 5 today. First impression was very good. The restaurant has nice interiors, the food in the menu looks really yummy! While deciding what to order, I was already thinking of coming back and bringing my love as he'd definitely enjoy it.... but then I was wrong.

It took them 30mins before we got our soup and salad. The soup wasn't even hot at all. We were all done with the soup and with all the stories we could talk about, and our food hadn't come out yet. We had to wait more than 1hr before they were able to serve all the food.

I had to talk to the lady who's attending to us to complain about their service. She said it really takes a while cooking the ribs to make sure it's perfectly grilled. Ok, I can buy that lousy excuse. But what about the soup? To compensate for their poor service, we got a choco lava cake which we decided to just take along since it was almost 2pm.

They also gave us discount cards, which I didn't bother to look at and gave it away instead. I have no plans on going back to that place again.

Will I recommend the La Maison to anyone? Probably yes ONLY for 2 reasons: (1) you want to get complimentary lava cake, which by the way wasn't that good or (2) you want to spend more time with your date; you'd probably be engaged by the time they serve your food.

It was even posted on one corner that they have served 16,000+ customers since they opened in October. Oh well, it could probably be 50,000 if not for their bad service.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

here comes the sun...

It's been very hot the past few days. It's officially SUMMER. And what do you do on a hot sunny day???

Thank God for that swimming pool 50 steps away from our doorstep :)

Happy Birthday, MyLove!

It was MyLove's birthday last March 1 and we celebrated it differently this time. Went to Fun Ranch and Ark Avilon. Caitlyn had so much fun, as if it was her birthday :)

Caitlyn and Mommy at the hanging bridge. Caitlyn didn't want to walk on the bridge and had herself carried all the way to the other end.

Caitlyn here enjoying the train ride with mommy.

This was the last ride that Caitlyn took. But actually, it was the very first ride that she wanted to get on. Her Dad though was not very much comfortable having her ride all by herself as she might get dissy and/or fall. So we had to talk her through. She agreed and took the other rides instead. But then, her heart was really on this one so before we took off, she again asked if she can ride it. I said no because I can't join her because I will not fit in. She responded, "Mom, I can ride all by myself. I'm a big girl already!"
We were surprised with what she said! She's just turning 3 but is already very much confident about herself. I was both proud and sad realizing that Caitlyn has really grown.

After Caitlyn's last ride, off we went to Ark Avilon Zoo. The place is just small, nothing spectacular really. But we were not expecting a lot so it's just ok. As usual, Caitlyn got scared of the animals like the Donkey and the snake (well, who wouldn't be?)

Caitlyn here in front of the aquarium. Medyo nabola to sit on her own, but look how uncomfortable she looked in the picture ;)

Turtles at the background. Caitlyn didn't get scared with the turtles. Probably because she has pet turtles at home.

We had an early dinner after, did some grocery and went home really tired but very very happy. Nothing beats the happiness of seeing how Caitlyn enjoyed the day.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

where had i been?

I wasn't able to spend much time updating this blog the past few months since November. Not to mention that I've been very busy the past few months, we were also internet-less at home for about 2 months.

Let me remember key events that happened in the last couple of months...

Went to Cebu and Bohol. Caitlyn enjoyed the beach so much. She can't get enough of the sand. It's our first time in Bohol.

Did a lot of shopping and spending in preparation for Christmas and moving to our new house. It's so much fun! What's not fun was what happened after... paying for the credit card dues.

Finally moved in to our new house by the end of the month. I was so excited but at the same time sad with Caitlyn living away from my parents.


Merry month of December!! The happiest month of the year! Attended a lot of Christmas parties from work, from the neighborhood, with friends, with relatives. Looked like a gained more pounds at this month.

This Christmas was also extra special this year as this was the first Christmas we spent in our new home.

Caitlyn finally got her present from "Santa and Jesus" - her green and yellow car! Unfortunately, she was also excited about it during the first week. Caitlyn now barely uses it - well, I was kinda expecting that would happen.

Got a nice Lacoste bag from My Love for Christmas! :)

Caitlyn also got to watch Barney in December. As expected, the little girl had so much fun. I was quite disappointed though with the show. The production was far below my expectation as if it didn't have enough budget. But seeing the joy in Caitlyn's face, it's still worth it.

Had to fire Caitlyn's yaya because of some trust issue. It was difficult for me to do it because she's been with us since Caitlyn was 2 months old.


We were yaya-less during New Year and the first week of January. It wasn't too bad, in fact we felt more relax and comfortable without a yaya. It has just became a problem when we had to go back to work. We've asked my mother in law to stay with us for a couple of days to look after Caitlyn while we were at work. The following week though, we decided to just stay with my in-laws until we get a new yaya.

We got a new yaya 2nd week of January. I was just glad that Caitlyn warmed up with her easily.

January is my favorite month.. why, it's my birthday!!! This birthday was also extra special for 3 reasons: 1) my first birthday in our new home, 2) i'm on the last day of the calendar, 3) i got a very special gift from MyLove!!!!

For my birthday, I had 3 separate celebrations. One at work during merienda, then dinner with Family at David's Tea House at MOA, then dinner and drinks with friends at the clubhouse the following night. Too bad I didn't have a single picture because I was too busy to take pictures! :(
It was also in January when Caitlyn had her last class at Gymboree. I decided not to re-enroll her this time.


On the first weekend of the month, spent overnight at Laguna for Grandma's 88th birthday. Caitlyn didn't swim as much though because she has cough.

Visited two preschools I've been considering for Caitlyn. I'm planning to enroll her to a nursery class in June. She had her trial class in the first school that we went to. For the second school, didn't have the chance to sit in because our visit was unplanned. The class was already dismissed when we came. Caitlyn had fun sitting in the class. The teacher said Caitlyn seems to be really ready and didn't seem to adjust at all. Thanks to Gymboree :)

At the last weekend of the month, spent another night at Laguna, this time with some friends.

So there.. that's what have been happening in the 4 months that I was silent.