Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Easter

Went to MOA during Easter, not to celebrate Easter, but just for the usual weekend malling. While when on our way to Italianni's for lunch, Caitlyn saw the Easter activity and wanted to go. We told her we needed to have lunch first and so, she obliged. I wasn't really keen on bringing Caitlyn to the Easter activity as there were just too many people.

Caitlyn and Mommy patiently waiting for the food.
Right after lunch, we had her ride the ferry's wheel. It was her first time at MOA's ferry's wheel and I was surprised how brave she was.
And when I thought she already forgot about the Easter Egg hunting, she pulled me to the direction of the activity hall. She insisted on going and so this time, we obliged.
Caitlyn waiting for her turn for the egg hunt.

Look at all her prizes!

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