Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I was rushed to the ER a few hours back. I had a severe stomach pain running through my back. That was the worst pain I ever experienced in my entire life, even worse than when I gave birth (I had epidural shots, that's why). Unfortunately, my love was out with our officemates for their teambuilding activity. Good thing, my mom and my brother just arrived so they were able to drive me to the hospital. The pain was really intolerable. I was literally down on the floor, crying. Caitlyn was looking at me with pity and was trying to rub my tummy. Our yaya called my love right away and a few minutes after, I got a call from him. We were already on our way to the hospital then. He immediately went to the hospital and arrived a few minutes after we did.

The pain has already subside when we got to the hospital so we were immediately allowed to go home. But I have to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound and to see my doctor. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.

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