Monday, April 02, 2007

Caitlyn is 2!

We celebrated Caitlyn's birthday at Icebergs Harbour Square last week, March 25th. It was very well attended. I didn't expect it to turn out that way. Friends and relatives who didn't show up last year were there so our actual guests exceeded our estimates. We only reserved for 100 adults and 40 kids, 130 adult and 46 kids showed up. I was glad everyone had a great time even if the place actually became too crowded for everyone. Our magician host, Wanlu, was really good. Everyone, kids and adults, enjoyed the party.

Caitlyn enjoyed her party as well. She got really tired and fell asleep on our way home. We thought we'd never have the chance to open her presents but she woke up at around 10pm and so we opened her gifts.

Thanks everyone for coming to Caitlyn's 2nd birthday party and for the presents! Hope to see you again on her 7th (or next!?) birthday! We're not planning any party for Caitlyn next year as we're planning to have a Disneyland celebration for Caitlyn. We'll see...

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