Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentine's day traffic

It's valentines day and traffic is just terrible. Mylove and I decided to stay for a while to clear the traffic. But it's 7:30 and traffic is just getting worse! Everyone's going to the motel, sabi ng asawa ko.. hehe..

So now, we're stuck in the office with nothing else to do (I chose to stop working!). Was able to change my blog template, did some edits, and still there's traffic.

We decided to dine out instead to pass time - instant Valentine's dinner! Nothing fancy though - just had dinner and a few drinks. We really did not plan anything special tonight as we wanted to do it on a weekend. Let's see if we'd still go out this weekend :)

Too bad, Caitlyn's already snoozing when we got home by 11pm. Too bad, or just right!? ;)

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