Thursday, May 01, 2008

bad day!

Before I got up from bed this morning to prepare for work, I felt that Caitlyn was a little warm. I checked her temperature and confirmed that she had fever. I immediately decided not to come to work anymore so I can bring the little girl to her doctor. I was quite worried because it could possibly be related to the ear pain she was complaining about yesterday.

We brought her to Makati Med and had her ears checked. Her doctor said she has ear infection and was given oral and topical antibiotics for her to take for a week.

We also have her eyes checked and was referred to an ophtalmologist. Caitlyn's right eye has been teary since she was a baby and was often times irritated. The opthalmology said her tear duct might be blocked. She was given a topical antibiotics for the eyes and asked us to observe. If it doesn't get any better, he may need to flush it out. I'm hoping it'll no longer be needed because if it does, the little girl will have to be in general anesthesia :(

Except for some (or a lot) of complaining and crying on having her take her antibiotics, Caitlyn now feels better. She's now deeply asleep. I'm just hoping her ear won't hurt tonight anymore.

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