Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm very paranoid to go to any public places since the Glorietta incident last Friday. Until now, there's still no result of the investigation but it's leaning towards an industrial accident rather than a terrorist attack.

So what really scares me? Two things. First, if this is just an accident, this could really happen to any other malls or buildings. Glorietta is one of the biggest malls in the metro, so if this happened to Glorietta, this could also happen to any other mall. We frequent the mall at least once a week. Caitlyn attends Gymboree classes at Glorietta every Saturday. Secondly, a detained senator-elect was firm in saying that the incident was not an accident but a bomb attack. He was claiming there will be couple more attacks. If the incident will be proven as an accident, he might save his pride and make all things possible so the other attacks will happen and prove him right.

Am I starting to get crazy or what!? I really would just want to stay safe at home. But some are not safe even at home.

What's happening to our country? Is this really not a safe place to live in?

Oh Lord, please watch and keep us..

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