Tuesday, October 23, 2007


With the long holiday coming up, there seems to be too many things to do with too little time. The civic is already in the shop for repair. Doesn't have an idea on when this will be ready. Unfortunately, the other car is already due for maintenance. We need to bring it to the casa as well before the long holiday.

I'm also due for a follow up check with my doctor. We were supposed to go to Makati Med today, but for some personal reason, we had to cancel.

Team activities are also scheduled this week here at work. My husband will have dinner tomorrow, then me on Friday. I have yet to schedule 2 activities for my other teams. I had decline from the bowling activity this Friday because of the schedule conflict with my other team. You see, that's the problem when you have about 7 different teams.

We also need to buy a few more stuff for the "new house". After the Friday Glorietta incident, I'm actually very paranoid to go to Glorietta. Especially that it hasn't been confirmed yet if it was really a bomb or plain accident. Paranoia is hitting me. What if something's really wrong with the building structure? What if the Sunday fire was actually related to the Friday incident. Oh well, will probably just go to SM instead. hehe

I hope I get to accomplish everything before the week ends.

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