Thursday, October 18, 2007

Papa Ben

We visited my father-in-law last Friday at Manila Memorial. Caitlyn never saw her grand dad. He passed away in May 2004, 8 days after our wedding, a day after MyLove and I arrived from our Boracay honeymoon and a day before our supposedly Hawaii honeymoon. Obviously, we had to cancel our Hawaii honeymoon and planned to do that some other time. Unfortunately, we never found the time to do so.

Even if Caitlyn never saw her Papa Ben alive, she could easily recognize him from the pictures. She says "Papa Ben" as if she knows him really well. Could he have been alive, Papa Ben would surely be very fond of Caitlyn. But I know, he's watching Caitlyn all the time. I'm sure he'd have made a great father-in-law to me and a grandfather to Caitlyn.

my love and my baby - Oct '07

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