Sunday, October 28, 2007

missing gymboree

When Caitlyn woke up this morning, she was so excited and said, "Mom, it's Gymboree day!" When we told her we're not going to Gymboree because it's "broken", tears fell down from her eyes. It broke our heart, really! The little girl misses Gymboree so much!

Gymboree classes in Glorietta have been suspended since last week and will not resume until the week of November 5. Gymboree decided to suspend classes for a couple of weeks to "give everyone the chance to recover" from the tragic incident last week. That means no Gymboree classes for Caitlyn until November 10th. We're not even sure if we can attend the November 1oth class because we have a birthday party to attend. Oh well.

We brought her to MOA instead and had her enjoyed the Carousel :)

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