Monday, April 02, 2007


I've been a SAHM since last Monday and will be for another week. No, I did not quit work (not yet!). SAHM: Sick At Home Mom!

The day after Caitlyn's birthday, I had myself admitted at the hospital for an operation the following day. Yup, mylove was right. I, too, had gall stones. That's what causing the tummy pains.

Thankfully, my operation went ok. I was released from the hospital last Thursday and am currently at home healing my wounds. I have 4 small holes on my tummy.

I love being at home because I get to spend more time with Caitlyn. However, with my wounds still fresh, I can't carry her or even sleep with her because she might accidentally hit my tummy. Sometimes I wonder if Caitlyn gets upset because we don't allow her to cling with me the way she used to. There were times when she asked me to carry her and would have to explain to her that I can't because I have "boo-boo". I'd ask her if it's alright if I'd just hold her hand. Good thing, God gave us a very smart little girl as she would say "yes" or "ok" and would not persist on being carried anymore :)

But really, I'm enjoying being just a mom at home, taking care of Caitlyn and my love. I enjoyed planning dinner (even if I don't get to cook yet) and making sure it's ready before my love arrives from work.

This is life for me.. and this is my ultimate goal. To become an SAHM (STAY at home mom). Hopefully soon..

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