Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hi! my name is caitlyn!

Last night, Caitlyn was messing with her dad who was busy solving Sudoku puzzles. His ballpen cap suddenly fell off. Caitlyn picked it up, insert her index finger in it and said in her tiny voice: "Hi! My name is Caitlyn!" Haha! She surely knew how to get his dad's attention!

It was surprising as no one has actually taught her how to do it neither has she seen anyone doing that. I have a tiny hint that my baby is a genius! For a kid who has just turned 2 4wks ago, she has a very creative mind, sharp memory, already knew how to count from 1 to 15, chooses her own dvd and knows how to operate the player, chooses what shoes to wear, recognizes the primary colors, knows her ABC, participates in the mass, knows her night prayer and initiates kissing mom and dad goodnight before she sleeps.

Oh Caitlyn, she's really driving us crazy! Making me just want to stay with her whole day! :)

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