Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i'm back from clark

I attended a 2day seminar at Clark. Checked in at Hotel Stotsenberg on Sunday and left for Manila early afternoon of Tuesday. From what I read, the hotel has just opened a couple of months ago. The first time I saw the Hotel ground, I kinda liked it and somehow reminded me of the school we used to go to in Illinois. However, after checking in, that’s when reality sets in. It’s very far from how I expected it to be. Or maybe I was just expecting too much?

The room was just your ordinary hotel room. The layout was quite awkward, though. The room that I checked in, though, didn’t smell really nice. The CR stinks. There could probably be a leak in the sewer. I requested that I be transferred to a different room. Frontdesk told me they’d call me back once they find me a new room. One hour had passed, still no call. So I called to follow up. A different person attended to me this time and asked me if I’ve already talked to somebody else. I said I was just following up. The same thing, he said he’d call me back. 30mins have passed, still no call. Called for the 3rd time. A different person again and said the same thing to me. This time, I really got mad and told the girl on the other end that that was actually my 3rd call. She said she’d call me back. This time, I asked how many minutes should I wait. She said 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I got a call informing me that somebody would pick me up to transfer me to a different room. Hay salamat.

The room where I was transferred to was quite smaller. But it really didn’t matter to me anymore. This one smelled “normal” already. There’s a very slight stink in the CR, but something I could just ignore.

Monday night when I returned to my room after the seminar, my card key wasn’t working anymore. I had to go to the Frontdesk to have it reset. E ang layo kaya ng Frontdesk from my room!

Food was ok. Service wasn’t. On our first morning, my omelet never came out. The second day, I had to follow up to get my scrambled egg.

And that didn’t end there. Checkout process was too slow also. They’re having the room checked before clearing you out.

Anyway, I had some fun din naman in spite of all the troubles. Lost a couple of bucks at Casino. Not really a gambler so that couple of bucks meant a lot to me! It was also a best way of keeping my mind away from the stressful life in the city.

I also shopped a few items at the duty free shop nearby. The duty free shops at Clark are far better that what we have here in Paranaque in terms of available items.

I was finally home by 5pm on Tuesday and was very happy to see and be with my love and my baby again!

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