Monday, August 07, 2006

What if?

I've known myself to be a risk taker. If it were not for my courage to take risks, I would have been married to somebody else. But eversince I had my family of my own, I became too coward to take risks, face challenges and be ready for changes. I always prefer what would be convenient for my family. Before I do things, I would always think of my daughter's welfare.

Doing things that you don't really like is very difficult. But what could I do if doing this would mean a secured future for my daughter. Not to mention a life full of convenience. But is this really enough? Or should I just stop doing what I'm doing and start to do what I really want to and be prepared to face the risks? I had that opportunity just very recently but I let it slipped away. I got too scared to soak my feet into the water, got to scared to accept changes, got too scared to take the risk. Now I ask myself: did I make the right decision?

I'm a person who doesn't want "what-ifs", or at least that's how I used to know myself. But will it really be worthwhile to take the risk and see what life has to offer for me and my family? But what if there's a better tomorrow waiting for us? I wouldn't really know unless I try.. but can I really do?

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