Sunday, February 24, 2008

i'm ecstatic!!

I never mentioned in this blog that I'm a Piolo Pascual fan! As in!!

And because of some connections, I was able to talk to him yesterday over the phone! Oh, I can't believe it! This was actually the 2nd time - the first time was about 5-6yrs ago.

I can no longer remember all the details of our conversation but 2 things I will never forget: His patented laugh and when he told me "hope to see you soon!" I don't care if ni-s-showbiz nya lang ako - I was really ecstatic!

Anyway, it happened when I got a call from my friend, who happened to be the husband of Papa P's co-star, Saturday morning. He and his wife were inviting me to join them in the taping somewhere in downtown Manila so I can have my coffee table book signed by Piolo. Side story - I bought Piolo's coffee table book, Believing, a few weeks back and was really planning to have it signed by him. Unfortunately, MyLove and I have to be somewhere else yesterday and therefore had to decline their invitation. My friend just offered to pick up the book from our place. A couple of hours later, I saw 4 missed calls from my phone. When I called back, my friend said Piolo wanted to talk to me to ask me where I want my book signed!! Oh my, I demanded from my friend to find a way so I can talk to him. This time, I turned my phone's ringer on and kept it close to me. Another couple of hours after, my phone rang! When I answered it, I heard a very familiar voice from the other end - pero syempre still asked who was it!!! Hay, I was in cloud 9. He was saying sayang I wasn't able to make it. He laughed when he heard mylove saying "Papa P" from the background and told him it was my husband. I was like a teener na tinawagan ng crush!!

Hay, I wonder when can I finally meet him in person....

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