Friday, September 28, 2007

the month that was

I didn't realize it's been a month since I last updated my blog. So before September ends in 2 days, I want to give a recap of what transpired in the month that was.

Haven’t enrolled for 2 terms now. Some changes happened at the office recently and it still wasn’t sure if they can continue to pay for our tuition fee. I personally want to pursue this one, but TF is quite steep. I asked my love is he can pay for it, but he said he doesn't want to.. hehe.. It’s not actually because of the money but because he personally didn’t want me to go to school. Nababawasan kasi ang oras ko sa kanila. Ang lagay, pinagbayad na sya, they’ll get less of me pa!

Still on my MBA, just got my grades from last term a couple of days ago. I was really surprised to get a 3.5 on accounting! I really wasn’t very interested on that subject, even during college, and I know I screwed up on my final paper. Di siguro nahalata ng prof na d ko masyado pinag-isipan yung final paper ko. LOL!

Weekends were busy canvassing materials for the house renovation. We had most purchased already. Work actually started last Wednesday. Estimated time of completion is one month. Can’t wait!

While construction is on-going, we’re now busy naman canvassing/buying new appliances and furniture for the house. Hay, it’s giving us a headache with so many choices. But I was glad that I’ve already found the sofa that I want that will fit perfectly (I hope!) in our living room. The sofa is at 10% off until the end of the month only, so we’re planning to place our order this weekend. Yipee!

It’s good also that there’s an installment madness running at Glorietta today until mid-October. We’re still exploring our options. There’s just one thing that’s non-negotiable for my love – his LCD HD TV! I won’t argue with him on that.

Caitlyn has been growing so fast. She’s now 30months old. I can’t believe that in 6 months, she’ll already be 3. I’m planning to enroll her to preschool next school year. She’s still very much enjoying Gymboree and attends the Saturday classes of Level 6. She’s also overcome her fear of climbing and slides and she’s enjoying it now. She’s now used to asking for “something” from mom and dad. The other night was cookies, last night was cupcake, and this morning she said she wanted pop corn. She also have a Christmas wish for Santa.. a green and purple car! “Santa” is just so excited to buy it!

Oh, and by the way, Caitlyn now knows how to count in Spanish. Thanks to Dora!

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