Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gymboree Day!

I finally enrolled Caitlyn at Gymboree last June. She's in Level 5 but will have to move her to a different class because she's 28 months already. I'm still thinking if I'll move her to Level 5 or to Arts class.

She's only attending Saturday class because that's the only day I am available. I want to be with her during her class. Caitlyn actively participated in the class, except for those where she had to climb up or slide down. She developed a fear for heights.. probably got that from her dad.

Caitlyn has been enjoying the class ever since. She already knew all the songs and memorized the sequence of the Level 5 class. Funny because she sometimes wanted to do the activities at home, like using the blanket as a parachute and asking me to sing "Parachute Time"! haha!

Here are pictures of Caitlyn during some of her classes..

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