Friday, May 04, 2007

samu't sari on Caitlyn

Everyone's now starting to believe. Caitlyn is a genius! ;) My sister was showing Caitlyn my high school pictures and was trying her luck to have Caitlyn identify where Mommy is. And to our surprise, she was able to identify where I was in all of my high schoool class pictures more than 15yrs ago, andthere were about 50 faces on each of those. Amazing, isn't it!?


Caitlyn was having a diaper change. When her yaya was about to put desitin on her diaper area, she giggled and shouted: "Tickle! Yayay, stop it!" This was the first we heard Caitlyn said "stop it!" Funny!

The second time, we were trying to put eye drops on her sore eyes. She complained big time and cried: "Dad, no! Stop it!" haha! Happy or sad, stop it pa din! ;)

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