Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Caitlyn’s First Haircut

Last Saturday, Caitlyn finally had her first haircut. I’ve wanted to have her hair cut after her 1st birthday but her dad had been convincing me not to. At first, I was having second thoughts because I really love to play on Caitlyn’s hair kaya lang lately, lagi nya tinatanggal. Her bangs were already on her eyes so I have no other choice but to have it cut. Carlo agreed na rin because our OB told us that Caitlyn should have a haircut so her hair can grow thicker.

We brought her at Cuts for Tots at Glorietta. At first, dedma lang sya and was trying to enjoy the car she’s riding at while watching her favorite dora on TV. But not until the water was sprayed on her hair and she felt the cold scissors touching her. She then started to cry, not even Dora and Boots could stop her L Buti na lang the guy na naggupit sa kanya was quick, we were done in 5-10mins. Caitlyn’s hair looked funny after kasi me hati sa gitna because she was on pigtails prior to the haircut.

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